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Club volleyball offers participants the opportunity to continue to compete and develop skills well beyond the relatively short middle school and high school seasons. Club increases the amount of time and contact a player has with the ball on the court, thus improving her skill level at a quicker rate versus just playing during the school season.

Why is club volleyball so important?

We encourage athletes to participate in any sports interest, however, it is the responsibility of the athlete to set her prioritizes and manage her time efficiently while maintaining her commitment to the club.

Will club volleyball interfere with an athlete's
ability to participate in other school sports' seasons
or school work?
What age division do I register my daughter for?

Our system will automatically tell you what age division you can register for. This is based on the where your daughter’s birthday falls under the following criteria:

The club fees will cover: uniforms, practice tees, gym rental, membership dues, insurance, equipment: balls and net, coaches salaries and travel, and administration costs

What do the club fees cover?

Individual fundraising is optional. We provide a variety of fundraising opportunities to help offset the cost for participation in club. We ask that all players do what they can to help us provide scholarships, buy equipment, and keep our pricing affordable by participating in creative and easy fundraising efforts that usually consists of more than selling things.

Will my daughter have to fundraise if she participates?

It is nearly impossible to calculate "equal playing" time for the sport of volleyball due to its complex nature. What coaches do try to provide is give fair time based on performance at the time (and in practice), attendance, the game situation, etc. The positional nature of volleyball combined with the complexity posed by attempting to balance the dual interests of distributing playing time fairly on the individual level and achieving the goals and objective of the team as a whole requires understanding that "fair‟ playing time does not necessarily mean "equal‟ playing time.

Is playing time equal for all players?

National Teams - compete at the highest level/players who are seeking a college scholarships and the season runs November – June. Premier Teams - interested in playing a high level of competition and future college scholarships and the season runs November - June. Regional Teams - designed for those who play multiple sports and or who want to continue improving their skills and runs November – mid April. Local Teams - practice twice a week and participate in 1 tournament a month.

What is the difference between a National, Premier, Regional and League teams?

Athletes attend tryouts where they are evaluated on their volleyball skills and athletic abilities. Physical fitness and agility tests as well as basic volleyball skills are measured and evaluated. Teams are then formed by age group from the girls selected after the tryout.

How are athletes placed on teams?

There are several things you can do: Most importantly, communicate with the coaches in your age group so you can be evaluated at other times. Attend another tryout with a different age group. Come to developmental leagues/clinics.

What if an athlete is unable to attend on the day or time for her age group?

The majority of teams will have 10-12 players. Team size may fluctuate slightly on a case-by-case basis. These differences occur according to team level, make-up, positional needs, and other factors.

How many players do you carry on a team?
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