Club Savannah's mission is to promote the sport of volleyball and the concept of team. Club Savannah strives to develop well-rounded student athletes.


Developing young athletes and allowing them to mature into excellent volleyball players is the goal of our club. clubSAV is a training club that stresses consistent teaching of technique and strategy across all teams and age groups. We train each athlete the same way from the age of 10 to 18. Each year athletes will advance their skills by learning more advanced techniques that build on what they have already learned.


Our Philosophy

Our philosophy that emphasizes the importance of helping players develop their positive overall self-image through sports. Players will learn good fundamental skills, in addition to self-discipline, confidence and leadership. The philosophy of clubSAV is that if an athlete is giving their personal best, then they are successful, regardless of the outcome of the immediate competition. We will focus on helping athletes learn how to "compete" in all situations, which means giving them the tools to do their personal best to accomplish success. Success is much more than winning matches or championships; success is understanding that if you give your very best effort, good things will happen. Winning isn‘t everything.... trying your best to be successful is everything.