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We are dedicated to promoting and growing the sport of volleyball in the Savannah community. We provide superior technical training to assist in the development of our student-athletes to achieve their highest potential on and off the court.

We believe that volleyball is a great way to build character, teamwork, and sportsmanship. We strive to create a positive and supportive environment where our athletes can learn and grow. We also believe that volleyball can be a lifelong passion, and we want to help our athletes develop the skills and knowledge they need to continue playing the sport at the highest levels.


To create an environment where anyone can play volleyball and share our love of the sport through proven, superior technical training to develop well-rounded student-athletes.


Our Philosophy

We believe that consistent, technical training is essential for volleyball players to reach their full potential. We provide our athletes with the foundation they need to build upon as they grow within our program. We also focus on developing our athletes as individuals, teaching them the life skills that will help them succeed in and out of volleyball.

We believe that hard work and competition are essential for success in volleyball. We create an environment where our athletes are challenged to push themselves to the limit. We also instill the need to compete in all situations, regardless of the outcome. We believe that learning to compete will help our athletes develop the necessary life skills to be successful in any field.

We are committed to helping our athletes become the best volleyball players and individuals they can be. We believe that volleyball is more than just a sport. It is a lifelong passion that can teach valuable life lessons. We are proud to be a part of the volleyball community and we are excited to help our athletes reach their full potential.

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