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Club Savannah Volleyball was created to promote and grow the sport of volleyball in and around the Savannah community. We provide high-level technical training to assist in the development of our student-athletes to achieve their highest potential on and off the court.


Our goal at clubSAV is to create an environment in which anyone looking to play volleyball has an opportunity to do so. We aim to share our love of the sport with our athletes through our proven, highly technical training model to develop well-rounded student-athletes.


Our Philosophy

Our philosophy emphasizes the importance of consistent, technical training, which establishes a foundation to build upon as athletes grow within our program. From the ages of 8-18 years old, we assist in our athletes' growth and development as volleyball players, and as individuals. At Club Savannah, our main focus is teaching the necessary volleyball skills to succeed while fostering an environment that demands hard work and competition. We instill the need to “compete” in all situations, regardless of the outcome. By learning to compete, our athletes understand and possess the necessary life skills that transcend volleyball to become the most successful people they can be.

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